Hpi-Remarketed ASSY-BATT 3C 52WH 4.55AH LI LK03052XL-PR L09281-855


HP Battery – For Notebook – Battery Rechargeable – 4550 mAh LK03052XL-PR

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HP Battery – For Notebook – Battery Rechargeable – 4550 mAh LK03052XL-PR

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Battery Chemistry

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

Battery Size

Proprietary Battery Size

Battery Capacity

4550 mAh

Battery Rechargeable


Product Type


Manufacturer Part Number


Manufacturer Website Address



HP Inc.

Product Name


Brand Name



HP ENVY Notebooks: 15-cn0002la 15-cn0052la 17T-BW000 17T-BW000 17T-CE000 17T-CE000 17T-CE100 17-BW0003CA 17-BW0008CA 17-BW0011NR 17-CE0002CA 17-CE0003CA 17-CE0008CA 17-CE0015NR 17-CE1003CA 17-CE1008CA 17-CE1010NR 17-CE1035CL 17-CE2010NR 17-CE2055CL 17-ce1030nr 17-ce1031nr 17M-BW0013DX 17M-CE0013DX 17M-CE1013DX 17-bw0xxx 17-ce0xxx 17-ce1xxx 17T-BW000 HP ENVY X360 Convertible Notebooks: 15T-CN000 15T-CN000 15T-CN100 15T-CN100 15Z-CP000 15Z-CP000 15-CN0003CA 15-CN0008CA 15-CN0013NR 15-CN1010NR 15-CN1020NR 15-CN1025CL 15-CN1035CL 15-CN1055CL 15-CN1065NR 15-CN1073WM 15-CN1075NR 15-CN1076NR 15-CP0008CA 15-CP0010CA 15-CP0010NR 15-CP0013NR 15-CP0020NR 15-CP0053CL 15-CP0076NR 15-CP0078NR 15-CP0086NR 15M-CN0011DX 15M-CN0012DX 15M-CP0011DX 15M-CP0012DX 15-cn0xxx 15T-CN100 15Z-CP000 15-cn1xxx 15-cn0xxx 15-cn1xxx 15-cp0xxx 15-cn0xxx 15-cn1xxx 15-cp0xxx 15-cn0001la 15-cn0xxx 15-cn1xxx 15-cp0xxx 15-cn0000TU 15-cn0000TX 15-cn0001TU 15-cn0001TX 15-cn0002TU 15-cn0002TX 15-cn0003TU 15-cn0003TX 15-cn0004TU 15-cn0004TX 15-cn0005TU 15-cn0005TX 15-cn0006TU 15-cn0006TX 15-cn0007TU 15-cn0007TX 15-cn0008TU 15-cn0008TX 15-cn0009TX 15-cn0010TX 15-cn0011TX 15-cn0012TX 15-cn0013TX 15-cn0014TX 15-cn0015TX 15-cn0016TX 15-cn0017TX 15-cn0018TX 15-cn0019TX 15-cn0020TX 15-cn0021TX 15-cn0022TX 15-cn0023TX 15-cn0024TX 15-cn0025TX 15-cn0026TX 15-cn1000TU 15-cn1000TX 15-cn1001TU 15-cn1001TX 15-cn1002TU 15-cn1002TX 15-cn1003TU 15-cn1003TX 15-cn1004TU 15-cn1004TX 15-cn1005TU 15-cn1005TX 15-cn1006TU 15-cn1006TX 15-cn1007TU 15-cn1007TX 15-cn1008TX 15-cp0000AU 15-cp0001AU 15-cp0002AU 15-cp0003AU 15-cp0004AU 15-cp0005AU 15-cp0006AU 15-cp0007AU 15-cp0008AU 15-cp0009AU 15-cp0010AU 15-cp0011AU 15-cp0012AU 15-cp0013AU 15-cp0014AU 15-cp0015AU 15-cp0016AU 15-cp0017AU 15-cp0018AU 15-cn0001na 17-bw0xxx

Compatible to OEM Part Number

15M-CN0011DX 15M-CP0012DX

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