Enable Remote Workers


Remote Access VPN has served us well, but was never designed for this new world.  ZTNA provides a much better alternative for remote access by providing better security and threat protection, an easier more scalable management experience, and a more transparent frictionless experience for end-users.


Micro-Segment Your Applications


With VPN, you’re providing network access.  With Sophos ZTNA you’re only providing specific application access.  Your applications, users and devices are micro-segmented and with the integration of device health into access policies, and continuous authentication verification, you get much better security.  This eliminates all the of implicit trust and the lateral movement that comes along with VPN.

Stop Ransomware and Other Threats


Hackers and attackers are leveraging poorly secured remote systems and VPN vulnerabilities to get a foothold on networks to deploy ransomware. Sophos ZTNA helps reduce the surface area and risk of a Ransomware attack by removing a new and growing vector.  With ZTNA remote systems are no longer connected “to the network” and only have specific application access.

Onboard New Apps and Users Quickly


Sophos ZTNA is much leaner, cleaner, and therefore easier to deploy and manage than traditional remote access VPN. It enables better security and more agility in quickly changing environments with users coming and going – making day-to-day administration a quick and painless task and not a full-time job.

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